Project Description

Technical Specifications


Tubes: Two structural tubes of a 1” diameter and a 1.2 mm thickness are used. They should always be 10 cm longer than the net’s width, e.g. Net: 1.00 m wide = Tube: 1.10 m long

Top support structure: Two 6 mm iron rings are welded to a hook each, and an additional hook is fastened to the head pole by means of a piece of gauge 15, high resistance wire.

Bottom support structure: A 0.30 m-long rod of T- or angle iron of 1 1/4” by 1/8” is fixed to the pole, and two 8 mm iron bolts are welded to it, which will be used for fixing the tubes. Three more bolts, made out of 6 mm iron for eucalyptus or 8 mm iron for carob tree, are welded to the support rod. The middle bolt will function as a nail to fix the support to the pole, while the other two bolts, which will be shorter, will lock the support and keep it in an upright position with respect to the head pole.

Top support for straight head poles: A 0.10-0.15 m-long angle iron rod is fixed to the head pole by means of a 3” nail and two 6 mm iron rings welded to a hook each.


Our work

The ideal combination to produce the best quality mesh at the best price in the international market.