Pioneers in hail protection netting in the Argentine market

We were the first to develop the hail protection system using polyethylene nets in Argentina, importing the first nets from Italy as from 1990.

We set up experimental blocks and we yearly invited Italian experts to provide instruction on the system and installation methods.

In the year 1994, we invited Agronomist Remo Caccia, who, years earlier, had conceived and developed the grembiule system, also called zone netting, for the protection of trellised vines. The adoption of this system brought about a reduction of the total installation costs by one third with respect to the traditional overhead system, also introduced by our company, and which, in turn, is the most suitable for fruit trees, vegetable crops and pergola-trained vineyards.

In 2004, Agrinet S.A. was created under a policy of continuous quality improvement. The company incorporated state-of-the-art technology for the yarn making, warping and weaving processes in the production of crop protection nets.

In 2006, as a further step, we obtained the ISO 9001 certification.

As a result of its investments in production, Agrinet S.A. has become the crop protection netting undertaking with the most advanced technology, the greatest volume and the best quality control system in the world.

The intensification of this “productivity and quality” virtuous circle enables us to offer the most competitive products in the international market.

Increasing work with external markets is positioning our company in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America.

In CHILE, we are EURAM SPA. In 2014, we started production in the Euram Plant, serving markets with different needs.